What is Python? A brief Introduction to Python Language.

What is Python

Let’s start with introduction to python.

In a simple words: it is one of the popular and widely used programming language right now. But what makes it so popular and widely used? Below are some characteristics of this language

1. Python is an interpreted language.

2. Python is a high-level object oriented language.

3. It is Powerful

4. It is cross-platform (portable)

5. It is Extensible

6. It is Free to use

7. It has a good online community support.

8. And the most important of all: it is easy to get starts with.

Python is an interpreted language unlike Java: a true compiled base language.

Basically in most of the high level programming language, executing an application follows following steps:

  • Write one or more source file to create an application (source file in Java)
  • Compile the source file into object files(byte-codes in java)
  • Link the object files into an application(through JVM in Java)
  • Execute the application through virtual Machine.

But with interpreted scripting languages like python, the process is direct.

  • Write the source code in one or more files
  • Execute application through interpreter by supplying source files.

The Python interpreter itself compiles the source files into series of internal byte-code format and the inbuilt “Python virtual Machine (PVM)” will execute the compiled program as an application.

Python: A high-level object oriented programming language.

It is a high-level language because, it separates user from the underlying operating system as much as possible. Though you can dig dipper as much as you can to understand how it interact on the ground level with operating system and hardware, you really don’t need to worry about most of the things and you can focus on executing your ideas through this language.

Since it is a true object-oriented language, everything in it is an object. Object is the base of python programming. In fact, variables in python are also object.

It is a powerful Programming language.

We all know that Python is a powerful language. But there are few things we need to know about why it is so powerful than other programming language.

Actually, there is very little you cannot do with Python. Surprisingly, the core of this language is very small. One of the main reason of it being so powerful is its extensible nature. You can extend your python application using C, C++, and even Java language. The Python interpreter also comes with huge library of Modules.

As we know that it is high level language but can be extended up to C Level language, you have very less things you cannot do with python.

It is very widely used in the field of mathematics, robotics, artificial intelligence, whether forecasting, space-program, text-processing, search-engine, Data-science and the list goes on and on which proves how powerful this language is.

It supports cross-platform.

Because of its platform independent nature, python is supported on a huge range of operating systems. It includes Tk extensions to build a user-interface applications. You can write a Python script on Windows platform and execute on Mac or Unix Platform almost without any modification on codes. Python also has some platform specific modules and extensions which helps you to run python application better on specific platform.

It is Extensible

You may know that Python is written in C and C++. And we all know that you can fully access the python source code, you can create an extensions to the language.

Python can be embedded on C or C++ applications which makes it a true extensible language. Jython is a Python interpreter written in Java. So that, you can write a Python program that interfaces to Java Objects, or you can write a Java application that uses Python objects. You can deploy a python application on Java supported environments even a web browser can directly execute a Python Scripts.

Python is Free to use

Although, most of the programming language are freely distributed. But you can write and deploy Python programs without having to purchase any software and without having to worry about licensing issues. You can even download the source code to the software if you want to take a closer look at how this language works.

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It is easy to learn and has good online community support.

One thing any beginner programmer think while starting learning a new language is if the language is easy enough to get started with or not. And yes, it is one of the easiest programming language to get started with. You don’t require to download the very big environment like JDK (For Java) to write and execute the python codes.

You can simply download the it from the official site www.python.org and start writing python codes.

It also has very rich online documentation and community forum where you can put your query and get your problem solved easily.

It comes with built-in interpreter where you can test your codes like modules and statements before publishing your application or program.


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