Programming is an art of converting an idea into an action. If you have a great idea, you can share it with rest of the world. How?, well, there are many ways to share ones ideas and thought with the whole world today.

You can create your own website to express your thought through articles. You can create mobile apps to spread your message or you can create a program or software that runs on desktop to perform some works!

While expressing your thoughts through website, mobile apps or software/program, one common thing you need to know is how to create website, apps or software!.

You can hire an employee to work on that for you. But, we are talking about how can you learn to create these things by yourself. So, Programming is the ultimate destination for you to create any website, apps or software!

hire someone to program your website, apps and software or teach yourself programming to make these on your own!

Learning programming can brings you lots of opportunity. You can create your own programs and sale them. You can work for other company or people to earn money. Or even you can start your own company!

Having said that, here are few reasons why you should learn Programming:

  • It is really easy to learn programming if you dedicate yourself on it.
  • Programming is one of the highest paying job in the world.
  • It creates lot of opportunities.
  • You can convert your great ideas into action.
  • You can get ride of 10 to 5 working life and work freely whenever you want!.

So, if you are really new to Programming of even if you know the basics of it. Here are five ways you can follow to become professional Programmer.

1. Explore the basics of programming and computer fundamental

The first thing you have to do is to know the fundamentals. Programming is a technical subject. So, you have to be clear how it works and whether it works for you or not.

Programs are something which interacts with computer hardware to produce some results. So, you should be familiar with basics or how computer works and how programs works. You can learn how software interacts with hardware to produce result.

There are many ways to learn this. You can learn these basics by exploring internet. One best online place to learn the fundamental of Programming is from Microsoft. You can prefer this book to get deep into the Computer fundamentals.

2. Choose What to Learn

Programming is a vast field. You must choose where to to. There are large number of Programming languages out there to learn. Different languages works for different platform. Some languages are quite hard to start with and some are really easy.

You have to learn at least 5 programming languages to become a versatile programmer. You must have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a good quality website or web application. Further, you must be familiar with at least one server side language if you want to make dynamic website or programs. You can start with PHP with MySql to get into the field of Database.

You can start with one major Programming language if you want to create standalone software program that runs on desktop computer. There are many good language to start with like C, C++, Java, Python, C# etc. As all the other programming languages are the precedence of C, you can start with C language to understand the Programming Languages. You can go with Python also as it is one of the simplest and most advanced programming language right now.

If you want to learn how to create android apps, Java may be your first choice as it is the backbone of android apps. Also, if you wanted to create application for windows platform you can learn C# which is created by Microsoft itself. And, if you would like to go for Mac platform, you have to learn Swift language as it is the official programming language for Apple products.

3. Explore the Internet

We are in the world of internet. Internet is really powerful tools which makes this world very small place to live. You can virtually learn anything with the help of internet. Thanks to the handful of people and organizations who are dedicated to make internet and web the learning place for people like you and me.

You can explore the internet to get started with new languages and to understand how programs works. Best idea is to visit YouTube to go with video tutorials which helps to visualize the concept of Programming.

4. Find a Teacher

This is true that you can learn anything by yourself. But, when you start something very different and you try to learn it, you may lost your control on the way. You must be guided by a right tutor to get you to your destination. Find someone who can guide you through your course when you stuck somewhere.

You can spend little money to motivate yourself to keep learning whether online or offline. You can get a online advance course on Programming with spent of few amount or you can join institute to get certified for the job. So, getting yourself a tutor is a great way to keep learning.

5. Practice Makes Man Perfect

This is where you start your career in every field. If you want to be a better Programmer, you must keep Learning and keep practicing. New programming languages are evolving everyday and future technology will surely be different from what we are using today.

So, you must keep yourself up to date with new technology. Keep practicing, keep converting your ideas into codes and you will be successful one day.

Good Luck!

learn programming at home with best free online resources!




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