You must implement the best SEO tips in order to get your blog post in the first page of search results. Yes, this is true. Your post or website is likely to get more number of visitors if your site or post appears into the first page of search results, Mostly in Google.

Only the quantitative or qualitative blog writing is not enough to get your blog in the first page of search results. The Google and other search engine’s algorithms required more information to get the relevant search results for any query.

top 10 seo tips
These are the top search engine factors to keep in mind

Google search engine algorithm scans your post once you uploaded link on your website. While scanning your site, it’s algorithm analyse your post on the basis of following factors:

  • Keyword:- If someone search for “My Favorite Place” on google, Google algorithm create a possible consecutive set of these words and search for these keywords inside your blog post.
    set of words for seo
    Google search for every possible consecutive words

    After analysing the keywords, google finds if your post is relative to the search query or not and display the result with most relative key-phrases.

  • Links:- Google also scans for possible in-bound and out-bound links inside your post. If your blog contains some links that refers to another content within your website or any other websites, google thinks that the visitor will get more information out of your site.
    Another major factor is Backlinks. If some other website links your URL in their website, Google thinks your post is more relevant to the content. So, you must focus how to build links to other websites.

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  • Quality Content:- Most people forget this factor while focusing on link building and keyword analysis. If search algorithm figured out what is your page about by reading only the first few paragraph, it is most likely that your post will rank higher in search results.

You can not ignore the fact that technologies are evolving day by day. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are updating their algorithms to focus on quality of content to give their users a better experience.

Some other major factors that will define the position of your site are Mobile friendliness, Page speed, and Geo-location Metadatas. These factors helps search engines to give better user experience. So, you must keep these things in mind while writing any post.
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